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Gabbi Tuft, the Ex-WWE Superstar Wrestler, Opens Up as Trans

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Gabbi Tuft opens up to the world about her gender. The ex WWE superstar wrestler is trans. She stated about being transgender and how she is now opening up to the world with no shame. Tuft accepted her unabashed self.

Gabbi Tuft in WWE from 2009 to 2012

Tuft’s name in WWE as a wrestler was Tyler Reks. She had an active career there from 2009 to 2012. Then Tuft quit wrestling to invest her time to get her daughter and wife Priscilla.

Tyler Reks’s life after the wrestling journey was full of hurdles

The ex WWE superstar said that she had horrific experiences for the last eight months. There was substantial emotional turbulence for her journey to come out as transgender to the world. The feeling almost pushed him to the corner of her life several times. She felt at peace with her gender identity once she started to accept herself, not caring about others. Tuft broke all the limit to her coming out with her actual self to the whole world

Gabbi Tuft, a.k.a Tyler Reks and her famous move in the WWE ring

Tuft was fearless in the WWE ring in her wrestling career. There were events like “SmackDown,” “Wrestlemania,” and “Raw” where she appeared. Her fierce personality intimidated her opponents. The name of her famous move is The “Burning Hammer.”

There were many videos on the internet where she used to wrap the opponents’ bodies with her neck. Then slam them hard to the canvas.

Now the glorious days of her moves in the ring have come to an end. The burning hammer is no longer there. But she now started bodybuilding after wrestling.

Tuft also trains people in motorcycle racing and is also a fitness trainer and a motivational speaker. Tuft said that she is going to live her life with joy and as a happy woman. She will never go back to live a life she used, and coming out of the closet has set her free. It’s now that she feels that she can rule the world.

Gabbi Tuft thanked her fans for their immense support

Gabbi Tuft thanked her supporters and fans. She is open to answer their questions as she understands they must be curious. Fans are sending her loads of appreciation for her courage.

She posted an Instagram story saying that this is the most exciting day of her life. She felt this happy before when she got married and had her child.

The former wrestler is overwhelmed by the outpouring support of her fans. She thanked all the people for standing by her and extended lots of love to them. 

Tuft will indeed read every message of her fans as soon as she gets time. 

Gabbi Tuft and get wie to work for LGBTQ community

Gabbi Tuft said that right now, she has a lot of things to do. She and her wife feel the responsibility to help the people in the LGBTQ community. People in the community also struggle with their gender identities. Tuft wants to help them to cope with the struggle.

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