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Future Xbox games may not require full downloads to play

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If you are continuously suffering from lack of hard drive space on Xbox One, we have some great news for you. Microsoft is working on a new system, tentatively known as Intelligent Delivery, which allows you to choose what information or data to download from games, to avoid unnecessary content such as some language packs, for example.

According to Digital Foundry, this system will allow faster downloads and will involve less space on your hard drive.

The specialized means ensures that Intelligent Delivery will divide the information into packages and classify them with labels. Thus, users can easily decide what content to download depending on their needs. This implies that it will no longer be necessary to download the full titles in order to enjoy them.

This system is coming soon to Xbox One, but also will be enabled on Xbox One X. In this last console, it will certainly be quite useful, especially because of the arrival of 4K updates that could significantly increase the size of the games. By contrast, Xbox One users will not have to worry about downloading unnecessarily these updates.

The choice of languages will also save enough space on your hard drive. Digital Foundry reports that this represents a significant amount of data, particularly in sports games. Also, it will be possible to delete game modes that you do not need.

Microsoft recommends that the Intelligent Delivery system can be used only for recent games, but the technology can also be applied to older titles. Also, it will be possible to make this selection in games involving several discs, so that you can select the most important data of each game.

There is no date yet for the release of Intelligent Delivery, but it is expected to arrive in November when Xbox One X debuts.

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