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Furi’s Frame Rate on Switch Is Very Similar to PS4 version


After the announcement last month, we now know that Furi will be launched for Nintendo Switch in January 2018.

Another thing we know about the frame rate that the game will run on the console of the Big N. The Game Bakers has in fact shared a news regarding the technical side of the game on Twitter.

According to the studio, Furi has no fixed frame rate for any console, including Switch. So the game will not run at a constant 60 FPS on the Nintendo gaming machine, but the studio also added that this version of the game will behave very similar to the PS4 version on this aspect. The team also ensures that the gameplay will not undergo any changes.

In case you do not remember what the game was about, we leave you with its description and trailer below:

Fight your way free in this ultra-responsive, fast-paced sword fighting and dual-stick shooting game. Feel the tension and adrenaline of one-on-one duels against deadly adversaries: you will need absolute focus and skill to defeat each of the guardians.

Do you have what it takes to reach the last gate? Boss design by Takashi Okazaki. Original soundtrack by Carpenter Brut, Danger and more!

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