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Furi One More Fight DLC download available on PC and PS4 this March 15

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The developer The Game Bakers has confirmed that One More Fight, the DLC of Furi that was released in temporary exclusive on Xbox One, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PC on March 15th. The package includes a new boss fight and a new arena.

One More Fight, the DLC of Furi, will arrive on PS4 and PC this March 15. The announcement came from the game’s developer, The Game Bakers, complete with a release date for the additional content. It is in the pipeline even on PS4 console and PC platform. In this way the additional package will no longer be exclusive to Xbox One.

The DLC introduces a new boss fight against The Flame, a vengeful opponent who will test the player’s skills. The fight will be housed in a new arena, designed specifically for the characteristics of the boss, and you can play two levels of difficulties called Furi and Furier.

Finally, the developer has stated that within the DLC there will be “secret bonus” to unlock: the content will be published on PS4 and PC on March 15.

It was also confirmed that a patch for PS4 will be available on the same day when the DLC will be released. This update will bring several improvements and bug fixes.

Furi is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The price of the DLC has not yet been unveiled.