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Friday The 13th video game KickStarter Campaign and Announcement Trailer revealed

“For the first time since 1989, you have the opportunity to help bring a Friday the 13th video game to life,” says the text on the Kickstarter page of Friday the 13th: The Video Game, a multiplayer horror game production by British developer Gun Media in partnership with Illfonic, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Friday The 13th Video Game Screenshot

In the asymmetric mode, one player controls the killer Jason Vorhees while seven embody the skin of teenagers who follow the stereotypes of slasher horror movies.

Friday the 13th: The Video Game is actually the evolution of a project called Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp, but the staff managed the rights of the Friday the 13th franchise to further enhance the game and obviously use the figure of Jason Vorhees, one of the most iconic killers of cinema.

“The great news is that we’re not starting from scratch! We have already invested a lot, both financially and emotionally, into Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp” that [The campaign on Kickstarter] is not a request for money for an idea or concept – when we got the rights to Friday the 13th we knew we had to make the game better, with more features and content that complements the franchise” it said.

As for gameplay, Jason may be the terror figure and may appear to be unbeatable, but teens will have chances to overthrow the masked killer – but it will not be easy, “We’ve dedicated an incredible amount of time to balancing out counselor vs. Jason scenarios to ensure fans are every bit as excited by the possibility of slaying jocks, nerds, and cheerleaders as Jason Voorhees, while simultaneously giving you that sense of challenge and fear from being a counselor.”

“One of our major goals is overcoming the stigma that some players have about asymmetrical multiplayer games. We know the worst feeling in the world of multiplayer gaming is believing you are ‘stuck’ and ‘without hope’.”

The team hopes to raise at least US $700,000 to launch the game that uses the Unreal Engine 4, but there are a number of additional targets, not revealed yet.

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