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Where to get free games? Know the best option!

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Sports are one of the most in-demand leisure options. The reason why, many people wonder where to find free games? Fortunately, the Internet has many gaming websites. These have an extensive collection of free games available for PC, mobile, console and other devices.

Nowadays, many platforms offer hundreds of completely free online games to their users. However, it can be very difficult to get a website which allows you to download free legal and high-quality games.

Next, I will share with you the best free game platforms. Thus, you can get the game to suit your taste and your needs. Now find it!


Despite the increasing popularity of games, it can be very difficult to know where to find free games to install on your device. But, if you want to take time to get promotions and free offers, you will see that downloading free games is not impossible. If you prefer fast search, you can opt for online games, which are available for free on many platforms. Immediately, I will present you a separate gaming website, where you can download or play online games for free. These are:


It is a platform focused on independent games designed by small studios. Through this web you can download games and install them on your Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and MacOS devices. They are not the most popular last minute games, nor the best quality ones. However, on this website you will find valuable titles among thousands of games available.

Your website has a free sports section of almost any gender, such as:

  • Survived the terror.
  • Action.
  • Multiplayer and many more.
  • The catalog contains over 165,000 games and demos. If you want to find free games quickly then you can filter the list based on prices.
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Universe of Abandoned Games is an internet repository. In this platform you will find the oldest games, from the year 1830 to almost the present. There are 4.000 games available for MAS-DOS, which are completely free online. But it also shares links that take you to pages where you can download them and install them on your device.

If you are looking for an old game, this platform is ideal:

  • Pac Man.
  • Prince of Persia.
  • Ferrari becomes one.
  • Jazz Jacobit.
  • Lawd runner
  • Star Wars.
  • It out in dc


In the Microsoft Store you will find a detailed catalog of the game available for download on your Windows device. This great store that is integrated into your Windows 10 operating system allows you to find a section in its category, called Main Free Game. In which, you will find a list of games of different types of genres.


The platform of recognized video game firm Electronic Arts. There are dozens of free games available for you to play online or download to your PC through this fantastic store. When you create a free account and install the app on your PC, you will have access to all of its catalogs . In addition, you will find a fixed section for free games and another called, Invites Home. This section lists the expansion and complete games at your disposal, which you will get temporarily for free.

You will get all your games legally and in excellent quality.


Web of Game Distribution Parity. Steam has an extensive section at your disposal to download free games on your PC with the Windows operating system.

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To find free games in this store you have to go to the section called “Free to Play”. You can facilitate navigation through the site using various filters available with you. It joins various genres and categories as they are: best sellers who are played, new and popular.

In the free to play section you will find the number of popular and unknown games. If you are not sure why to make a decision, you can check the profile of the user in the profile of the game.

It is required that you create an account on the platform and install the app on your PC. In this way, you can access your game library and the possibility to download any game.


The GOG app is owned by the Polish company CD Projek. It provides a service for the sale and distribution of games to its users. In addition, you will find a comprehensive catalog of paid titles, and an extensive list of free games for your PC.

To get all the available options, you have to go to the store section and click for free. In you will find demo, pack and paid and lots of additional content of free games. In addition, it offers several temporary promotions in which you can download paid games at no cost.

Like other platforms, you must create an account and install the application on your computer, so that you can access all its contents.


It is one of the most innovative platforms for getting free games for your PC in the Amazon Prime-owned game distribution store. So, if you have a subscription on Amazon, you can try Twitch for free.