Foxconn Employee unveils new details on Nintendo NX

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From an insider of Foxconn (the company that should be in charge of the production of Nintendo NX) arrives new information on the next Nintendo console through a post on NeoGAF.


The insider, already known for making some of the details of PlayStation 4 Pro before its announcement, provided in addition to the specifications, even drawings of how the console should be presented.

According to reports it was confirmed about the dual nature of Nintendo NX both domestic and portable console with a removable pad and a fixed base to bind it when you are at home, but there are surprises. In addition to these two components in fact, is also mentioned about a “performance module” which should form the technological core of the experience NX at home and improve the graphics of the games when you are away from home.

The performance module would host CPU and GPU, but also a lithium-ion battery, to reload once at home, by connecting to the console “base”. The performance module could still “speak” to the pad even when used outside the home, thanks to the battery. This means that even while outside you could enjoy the graphic/technical upgrades granted by the performance module.

Summing up the console will consist of three parts: a docking station attached to the TV with a hard drive, door to the cartridges and video outputs for monitors, a module to increase the performance of the console itself and the gamepad that can be carried around like a portable console.

The insider also shows other details of computing power, specifications of the pad and the possible date of presentation. Regarding the hardware, the choice would be between a Nvidia Tegra and an AMD R9 and the total computing power should be lower to PS4. The gamepad screen would be 6″ with a resolution of 720p, while the official announcement should arrive by October and the insider speculates that if this is found not to be, it would be reasonable to expect a postponement of the console itself.

The information provided are many and rich in detail, we just have to wait for an official announcement to see if they correspond to how it will really affect Nintendo NX.


  • Yeahhhh…. except in that same GAF thread (last night), it was disproven. It’s not by the same guy who leaked the Neo, and it’s from a mock-up thread on the Chinese site.

  • It’s pretty pitiful that instead of getting any kind of official Nintendo announcement by now, we’re all resorting to having to gather leaks and rumors and force the information out. I honestly don’t have good feelings for the NX and its future. And that sucks for me to have to say that, because this console sounds like it will be freaking amazing, and I plan on getting one.

    Nintendo is probably better off just exiting the hardware business and making software for other platforms. I actually would totally love that, because I have an amazing gaming computer that I built for myself, and it would be REALLY awesome to get to play Breath of the Wild with all ultra settings, anti-aliasing, 120 FPS, etc. But nope….. If I want to play any Nintendo games (new ones anyway), I gotta prepare a space in my room for another console and physical media for it….

  • Saying its less powerful then ps4 is just outright bullshit at this point only Nintendo and big publishers like Ubisoft know it’s power end of and Ubi has stated the NX will allow for Improved gameplay on their current franchises and that it is a fantastic console to work on so it can’t be that bad also AMD won a NX order so expect pascal In the performance module and maybe just some extremely powerful streaming tech in the tablet that’s my guess also AMD have more powerful chips for a lot cheaper then Nvidia and that run at lower power so for me AMD will be at the heart of NX….

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