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Foxconn and Pegatron begin PS4 Pro production, while Nintendo NX trial production starts

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Foxconn along with Pegatron have started producing PS4 Pro console, besides together with Masumi Electronics Foxconn also started doing trial production of Nintendo NX.


Earlier this month, Sony had said that it would begin marketing the PlayStation 4 Pro in November 2016. The information was certainly greeted warmly by many gamers who had waited long enough for seeing the brand-new console from the Japanese company.

The longing was also apparently heard by Sony, because the latest report says that PS4 Pro now has entered the production phase.

With the imminent launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro console on November 10, Sony began to make preparations to make this console supplies. According to reports from Taiwan, for PS4 Pro Sony has begun manufacturing the console by Foxconn Electronics and Pegatron.

Pegatron’s responsibility is to satisfy 70% of PS4 Pro console supplies, while the rest is handled by Foxconn. Prior to this, each produce the same number of units. However, in October and November, the two companies together will increase the number of shipments of the console because at that time the year-end holiday season will start.

In addition to the PS4, Foxconn is also responsible for producing the Nintendo NX. Together with the company of Japanese Masumi Electronics, both companies are expected to produce 9.5 to 10 million units of the NX console. Foxconn is even doing a trial production for Nintendo NX console.