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Four outstanding crossplay games that excel on any platform

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With major hits like Minecraft and Fortnite in their ranks, crossplay titles are becoming more and more popular with gamers. New AAA titles often come with partial cross-platform options as standard, especially those with multiplayer support. They may handle a little differently from console to console, or on a gaming PC, but crossplay games keep players unified and create a more social experience. So which titles are the best in terms of the gameplay quality, online matchmaking and graphics over several platforms?


One of the original cross-platform titles and still as popular as ever, Fortnite can be played on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation and PC. This battle royale legend is a multiplayer shooter that attracts all ages and keeps the gameplay fun. Many bettors enjoy speculating on Fortnite Battles, as well as the results of other online games. If you are one of them and are looking for the most popular casino near you, RightCasino has a comprehensive list for you to browse. Their reviews take into account the casino’s gaming selection, payment options, promotions and more.

Sea of Thieves

Wannabee pirates can sail off to the Sea of Thieves with the help of a PC or Xbox. This game might not offer a high degree of compatibility, but it is a hugely enjoyable title that allows you to play alone or as part of a pirate crew. Along the way, you’ll cross paths with sea monsters, mysterious artefacts and shipwrecks, as well as trying to amass a personal collection of gold doubloons. Your reputation will hinge on your behavior as a pirate, so sometimes, you’ll need to use cunning instead of a cutlass to win the most booty.

No Man’s Sky

Playable on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, No Man’s Sky is essentially a space exploration game. Once you get started, the references to classic works of science fiction will be easy to spot. There’s an entire galaxy to move around and explore at your own pace, as the title is really a giant sandbox. On each unique planet, there will be missions to complete, but you’ll have to negotiate your way around the local flora and fauna to do so safely.


Minecraft is a classic crossplayer that’s available on mobile, PC, Xbox and Switch. It can be an incredibly creative game, as you have the chance to build large, intricate worlds packed with massive structures. From sparkling skyscrapers to volcanoes, bridges and aquariums, if you’ve got an idea, you can render it on Minecraft. Alternatively, you can choose to visit a custom map that’s been created by someone else. In these environments, players explore a pre-built world peopled by creepers, animals and snowmen. 

Like other online multiplayer games, crossplay titles continue to bring gamers together and allow them to enjoy their favorite titles as a community. It makes no difference where you are or how you prefer to play because these games deliver an exhilarating experience for all.