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Forza 6 available for download on September 15, 2015

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There is a bit slow release of racing games now-a-days. We had seen that players are lot more engaged with fps titles that is slowly eating up a lot of space occupied by other games. Open world games like GTA 5, Far Cry, etc; are still having a very high coverage among others. But soon we will be seeing a racing game of Forza 6 soon. It was recently revealed in E3 2015 and the trailer can be seen below. This trailer reveals how the game will be and it is quite upgraded to a lot better graphics that gives a realistic gameplay. The game is all set to appear on 15, September 2015 and will be coming only for Xbox One. It looks like this time game developers are particular about choosing the gaming platform. A lot of games that are revealed in E3 2015 are only for some exclusive platform. This is the sixth installment of Forza popular game which is getting better with time. Forza Motorsport is trying to bring up a very realistic gaming experience on your desk. This is not just an upgraded version that is just another racing game.

But it is more different and challenging at the same time. The trailer shows that you can now push the fps to 60fps max at 1080p resolution to get an ultimate graphics experience on the same. The new version is powerful with lot of realistic gaming mechanism. You can upgrade your cars by purchasing various spare parts and make it more powerful. For those who love racing games, can really have fun on this, but for those who love fast pace gaming will not find much here. This is more like a very realistic racing simulator game.

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