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Fortnite: Top 3 skins of all time

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Fortnite Skins are nothing but characters in Fortnite you can choose to play the game with. Fortnite has a huge array of skins from which you can select and stand out in the Battle Royale. There are free as well as paid Fortnite Skins for a player. While it is totally not necessary to buy Fortnite Skins, it has become a status symbol amongst players of the game. These outfits for in-game avatars aka skins have generated a frenzy amongst young Fortnite players in the recent past. While you get default skins as soon as you sign up with this free to play game, themed paid skins always seem desirable.

While the choice of Fortnite Skins for a player is subjective, we can certainly rank them on the basis of average reviews from Fortnite’s 79 million huge active player base. 


#3. Leviathan

The Leviathan was an unexpected addition to Fortnite Battle Royale. It was too similar to the astronaut ones which were available during Season 3’s Battle Pass. Leviathan, hosts a fish inside the helmet instead of a human head. The fish looks mean, with furrowed brows and a rude expression. The suit also looks cool featuring teal and glossy white colors. It’s undoubtedly the best of the astronaut-like Fortnite Skins for a player to ever feature in the game and one of the best skins ever.

#2. Raven

Raven is definitely one of the coolest looking skin that has ever been launched in Fortnite. Besides looking awesome, the rarity of the Raven skin makes it all the more desirable. Justifying its name, Raven has bird-like resemblance. It is so rare that it’s counted as a Legendary skin. The Raven is so rare that it has been available for only five times in the item shop in its history. And it’s costly too! You will need a solid 2,000 V-Bucks if you want to own this one.

#1. Omega

According to fan polls, the Omega skin became one of the most sought after skin in the Season 4 Battle Pass. What made it so desirable was it’s inaccessibility. One cannot get their hands on one of these till they unlocked Tier 100. The all-black full-body skin had an uncanny resemblance to the Black Panther. Of course, it’s not actually Black Panther. But if you want it to be in your imagination, it basically is.