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Fortnite: Ninja Criticizes Viewers Watching Other Streamers

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins seems to feel a certain annoyance for those who “search” for other celebrities on Twitch. Despite being very popular, Ninja seems no longer to be the number one on Twitch, at least for the number of subscribers.

In the first place, there are characters like Tfue and also the rising star Jarrod “Summit1G” Lazar who have reached and exceeded the peak of subscribers on Twitch. Ninja claims to be still the first ever but has admitted not to like the fact that many people are more interested in who will be the next streamer to break the record of subscribers than to what he broadcasts daily.

This piqued reaction was triggered by a comment in the chat, Ninja said standing up and getting out of the frame: “The only thing that is frustrating is that when you were the number one streamer – and still are, [both for] followers and when I’m actually streaming full-time – everyone is just out to look for the next guy now. At least, streaming wise. It’s really annoying.”

It is not the first time that Ninja talks about his concerns about being the best streamer on Twitch but until now he had never done it live. Probably his popularity is not yet in free fall, but it is normal that there is a decline when you are too long at the top. Competition is increasingly fierce. Ninja has only had the “luck” of having arrived before everyone else and a bit of healthy diversification never hurts.

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