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Fortnite Has Less Downloads on Mobile Than PUBG, But Earnings Are 5 Times Higher

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As reported by Bloomberg, the downloads of Fortnite Mobile are about half of those recorded by PUBG, but despite all the games, Epic Games has managed to score five times more than the direct competitor.

According to data collected by Sensor Tower, in fact, the mobile version of Fortnite managed to generate $92 million in gains over 11 weeks, a figure approximately five times higher than the $19 million earned by the mobile version of PUBG in the same period.

The curious fact, however, is that PUBG has been downloaded twice as often as Fortnite, thanks to the fact that the game of Epic Games is currently only available for iOS devices (as opposed to the Bluehole Battle Royale which is also downloadable on Android devices). In light of these data, therefore, we can conclude that users of Fortnite Mobile are led to make more in-game purchases than PUBG players do, making the Epic title even more profitable.

Speaking specifically of downloads, after a week since launching PUBG has been downloaded over 23.3 million times, while Fortnite has stopped at 3.4 million downloads. There is no rivalry between Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, at least on paper. Yet the numbers, which are never rooting, show that the home game of Epic Games really goes at a higher speed. Not only on PC but also on mobile.

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