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Fortnite Guide: How to Get Free Skins in the Game

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Wondering how to get free skins in Fortnite? Very well, we’re here to give you a hand! In this guide, we will explain how to get the most famous costumes or skins in Fortnite Battle Royale game without spending any money. There are basically two methods through which you can acquire skins for free within the game. Let’s analyze both, so as to have a clearer and more precise general picture. But no more delay: let’s go!


How to Get Free Skins on Fortnite:

With the passage of time, you want to know how to get free skins in Fortnite? We understand you: it is one of the most important and tantalizing elements of the title. Fortnite’s appeal and imagination is based on it: in fact, players can change the appearance of their characters through their skins. However, these are elements that cost money: in fact, the skins, which are then real costumes, can be obtained by purchasing V-Bucks, a virtual gaming currency that can be used by investing real money.

But how to get them for free? It is a question that many users ask themselves, so in the next few lines, we will give you the correct answers with the procedures to be performed to obtain free skin. This is nothing particularly complex: with a little attention and concentration, you can get all the costumes for free.

First method: Play a Lot

As we said at the beginning of the article, there are basically two ways to get free skins in Fortnite. Let’s start with the first, which may seem trivial: play, a lot. It will take a little patience, but by accumulating hours and hours of play you will be able to win missions, scrounge exp points, level up and unlock rewards. You will, therefore, have the opportunity to get free skins in the form of a reward, without having to fund your savings to buy V-Bucks.

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Always with a view to playing a lot, even the Battle Pass can be important. Obviously we mean the free one and the rewards that are inside it, but nevertheless, you can also think about buying the premium version, which allows access to a whole series of benefits, including free skins. Yes, because you don’t pay for the costumes directly, but one-time access that gives you the right to have exclusive items. However, even with the normal Battle Pass, you can get experience points and coins, and consequently objects like skins.


Second method: Get V-Bucks for free

We have to be honest: the amount of coins you can take home during a season is not high. If you decide not to buy the Premium Battle Pass, you will still have a few V-Bucks available to invest in the purchase of skins. The further question you could ask yourself now is: how to get V-Bucks without having to buy the Premium Battle Pass or convert your real money?

There is no single answer: there are really several ways to earn V-Bucks completely for free. The most suitable methods are:

  • Complete daily missions
  • Complete the challenges
  • Complete special missions (eg “Shield Challenges”)
  • Collect objects and fill lists and categories
  • Play the Save the world mode: it is not particularly successful among players, but it is excellent for collecting coins (which can also be spent in the other mode, since the V-Bucks are shared between both)

Watch out for Scams!

Like everything else where you can get something for free, here come the scams. There are many online users who would allow you to get free skins. It runs off: they could be viruses or malware, or simply misleading advertisements that ask you for payment details to have nothing on balance. In most cases, they are videos, but also textual articles with links to the bottom where you are told that you can download the skins for free.

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Be wary of all this, there are only two ways to get free skins in Fortnite, and they are the ones we’ve told you before in this guide. Otherwise, you have to put your wallet out.

You should now have a complete overview of how to get free skins in Fortnite. Have fun! Feel free to check out all other Fortnite Guides at this address.