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Fortnite Daily Mobile Revenue Spikes To $1.8 Million After Lifting Invite-Only Requirement


Fortnite’s success shows no sign of diminishing: after abandoning the system of invitations on iOs, the mobile version of Epic Games managed to generate revenues of $1.8 million dollars a day, surpassing the figure of $620,000 before 197% to its removal.

The record of maximum daily earnings was also broken and pulverized, recorded on March 28th with 1.2 million dollars.


According to analysts of Sensor Tower, Fortnite is one of the most successful games in the entire mobile landscape: its monetization started only on March 15th, which means that in less than a month it managed to register record figure of 15 million dollars, out of which 10.5% went directly to Epic Games.

Currently, the game has 11 million downloads only on iOs and is at the top of the charts of the most downloaded games for iPhone in 23 countries.

Fortnite alone generated US $6 million in the last week alone: more than recorded by Candy Crush Saga (5.8 million), Clash of Clans (4.1 million) and Pokémon Go (2.7 million).

Now that the game is downloadable and accessible by anyone after the removal of the invite-only system, its popularity should increase again, bringing even more money into the pockets of its developers.

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