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Fortnite Chapter 2 Trailer Leaked

As you know, a black hole flattened Fortnite yesterday. Although we already know that the game will return at some point and that the belongings of the players are going to be maintained, the video that we bring you here is something new.

Epic Games’ Battle Royale could come back to life in a few hours, tomorrow or even Thursday, depending on the leak you want to believe. The information is many, but not official, and now if it adds one, which is at least a little more concrete: a trailer for the Battle Pass of Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite Chapter 2, if you do not know it, is the name that the game should get with the coming of the next season (provided it is actually called “Season”). It should also get a new map and new mechanics, such as the possibility of driving aquatic vehicles. The trailer below also reveals other new things, such as the possibility of fishing, transporting a wounded ally and new ways to increase in level.

The video obviously shows various glimpses of what the new map should be, but being a very fast video it is not possible to draw particular clues. One thing is certain: the announcement of Epic Games on Fortnite Chapter 2 is getting closer.

In any case, this video should be considered only as a leak, for now, and not as official information: there is always the possibility that there are changes in the version that will then be shared by the developers. Now there is nothing left to do but wait for new information from Epic Games. In the meantime tell us: what are your expectations and hopes on Fortnite Chapter 2?

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