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Fortnite for Android May Not Be Available on Google Play Store

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It’s a fact that Fortnite: Battle Royale is on its way to Android devices. In fact, it is expected that its debut on this platform will be before the end of the summer. That said, there is a new leak that suggests that this version will not be downloaded from the Google Play Store. ensures that it explored the code of the Fortnite mobile website. There it discovered lines with instructions that indicate how this version of Fortnite will be installed.

What is really interesting is that these data are accompanied by images that indicate that Fortnite for Android will not be present in the Play Store and will be a browser download. So, to install it players must authorize some security permissions. You can check the image at the bottom of this news

If it is real, it is likely that this decision has some relation to the commission that the Google Play Store requests. In case you do not know, developers who publish applications in this store must deliver 30% of their profits to Google. So, it is likely that Epic Games was looking for a solution that would save it this commission.

Now, if Epic does not want to share its earnings, why is the iOS version available in the App Store? The answer is simple: Android users are free to install apps outside the Play Store, while those who use iOS must comply with the programs of the App Store. In other words, Epic Games had no choice when launching its game on iPhone and iPad.

Note that Epic Games has not commented on this situation. So, we recommend that, for the moment, you take this news for what it is: a rumor.

Fortnite is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and iOS devices. While we wait for confirmation, tell us, do you think skipping the Play Store is a good idea? Tell us in the comments below.