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Fortnite for Android Launches This July 24

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Fortnite for Android has a release date in China, where it will be available from July 24th. Tencent was the one who announced it on its official Twitter account, accompanied by a fairly explicit teaser image.

Nothing is known of the Fortnite Android debut in the West, as the Tencent colossus mainly deals with the Chinese market. Epic Games is silent, which could be a good sign that precludes an imminent launch.

In short, the hope is that the Chinese release date of Fortnite for Android is somehow a clue to the Western exit, also because the port must obviously be ready.

However, in the absence of other information, we just have to wait for numbers from Epic Games. Moreover, Fortnite is a resounding success even without the Android version, able to collect revenues for hundreds of millions of dollars every month, despite being a free-to-play title.

Fortnite for iOS has achieved considerable success, becoming in a short time one of the most earning games ever by the App Store, a similar fate seems to be expected of course for the Android version. Recall that recently numerous fake apps have appeared on the Google Play Store, but the security institutes invite not to download these applications, many of which contain malware and software harmful to privacy and the integrity of the operating system.

In short, the casual gaming market is more prosperous than ever. Currently, Fortnite players are waiting for Season 5, which will introduce a new map and many new cosmetic items.