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Former Square Enix employee arrested for buying consoles on behalf of the company to resell them

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A former Square-Enix employee, Koji Takada, was arrested in recent days, accused of purchasing a stock of Nintendo 3DS handhelds and other game consoles on behalf of the company, and then reselling them by making a significant profit from this operation.

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Koji Takada is a former employee of Square Enix, who worked at the software house as a sales manager. However, over the past few days, the manager has come to a standstill, precisely because of what he did at the time of his job at the Japanese company.

According to the accusation, Takada worked as a Sales Manager for Square-Enix and before getting fired he maintained extensive contacts with distributors through which he bought consoles of various kinds on behalf of the Japanese company, thus failing to pay for the hardware. Takada immediately sold the consoles he used to purchase and earned considerable sums of money.

The reported events occurred between 2011 and 2013, Takada damaged Square-Enix for a sum of 1.4 million yen, about $12,374 at the current exchange rate.

“We’re making an effort in employee training to prevent this from happening again,” Square Enix said in a statement. Thus, Takada is now awaiting trial, Square-Enix has been determined to go to the bottom of the story.

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