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Former Director of Lionhead Studios joins PlayStation

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According to a report from Games Industry, the former director of the now defunct Lionhead company, Stuart Whyte, joins PlayStation team, specifically the Sony developer in England that goes by the name of SIE London Studio.

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Stuart Whyte, a veteran of the video game industry that once covered the role of director for the Lionhead studio, has recently decided to join the PlayStation team, joining Sony London to contribute to the production of titles for VR.

Whyte is a veteran of the industry and has now taken over an address related to product development for virtual reality on the platform of Sony, PlayStation VR.

As we have mentioned, this developer previously directed Lionhead, the firm behind the Fable saga, until Microsoft decided to close its doors. Before heading to Lionhead, Whyte served in a variety of roles, including director of operations, production leader, executive producer, and others.

In addition to Lionhead, Whyte has also held important positions in companies such as Supermassive Games, Microprose, Bullfrog and Wildebeetle. In the coming days, therefore, he will be officially appointed as the director of development of VR products in the Sony London studio.

For its part, SIE London Studio is the main developer of Sony occupied in the production of VR projects, where different titles have been generated like PlayStation VR Worlds and The Playroom.

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