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Former COD and Battlefield Devs Announce Fractured Lands, Closed Beta Begins June 8

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Former Battlefield, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty license developers have decided to meet under a new banner, Unbroken Studios. The first project will be called Fractured Lands and will consist of a battle royal genre with a focus on vehicles. It will be an FPS in which it will be possible to customize your machine. You do not have to stay behind the wheel at all times: you can go out and shoot with guns.

“Fractured Lands is an experience that epitomizes our passion for this genre but also exemplifies both our experience in developing some of the best shooters in the world and our craving for something innovative, intense and gritty,” said Paul Ohanian, Chief Executive Officer, Unbroken Studios. “We’ve got so much on the horizon in terms of new content and features, including other last one standing modes, but most of all we’re excited to have gamers join the beta and directly impact our development.”

You can check out the official description of the title below.

Rise from the ashes of a post-apocalyptic world gone mad and become a deadly road warrior. Out-drive and out-gun a myriad of survivors in high-octane multiplayer manhunts where vehicular warfare injects a breakneck sense of speed and strategy into the Battle Royale landscape. Your vehicle is your greatest weapon, strongest armor and lifeline out in the wastelands. It can be mounted with scavenged upgrades, carry surplus inventory, and be used to mow down the competition. This makes it as integral to the experience as conventional arms, so stick to your ride, or even steal someone else’s wheels if you have to!

In a broken world, danger comes from all directions. Stay alert to the rev of distant engines, gunfire, and the fall of approaching footsteps. Savage wastelanders hunt you down from every angle. You’ll need to keep an eye and ear out to take them on before they take you out. Knowing when to put pedal to the metal or jump out on foot is a calculated risk you must make. Scavenge weapons, armor, upgrades, and fuel. Stalk your enemies or make for cover and lay in wait. But don’t overlook the radioactive storm raging on the horizon. It closes in with each passing minute and will choke out even the toughest competitor.

At present, Fractured Lands looks like a kind of a cross between Mad Max and PUBG, knowing that for the latter, it is already possible to crush at all-goes if we manage a little bit with its vehicle.

Fractured Lands will come to the PC in the summer via Steam Early Access. On 8, 22 and 29 June a closed beta of the game will be held. If you are interested, you can register for the beta via its official website. Check out the first trailer of the game below.