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For Honor – Origins Trailer

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For Honor is a game that is created by Ubisoft and its new game trailer is out that shows us its gameplay. With that the video also tells us more about the game creation. The video includes a few words from the game Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe’s talks. He explains about the game combat systems. This is one of the primary highlight of this game. For Honor game offers you a choice of going with a faction. There are three in it. They are Vikings, Samurai and Kinght. Each of them is different and has their own ability/skills. Once you are done with that you can then go ahead defending your honor in the game. Each of these factions has a different kind of value that makes them unique from each others. Like if you go with the Vikings then they value Freedom more. And if you go with Samurai then they value honor and Knights value Nobility. This is the three separate values of each faction on which the game story take turns.

For Honor Game Pics
For Honor Game Pics

For Honor is an action fighting game that looks very amazing in terms of graphics and this faction based selection also lets players to choose the group they want and battle. This game is a bit different compared to other battle games. The game combat system is the one that makes it different compared to the existing games we have played. It also targets more towards Battle control that you can have like a competitive match. Also, you can play in two different teams. One can have 4 members’ maximum and then fight with different weapons and manage the territory. Each faction has different skills and weapons. So you have to get yourself ready with that to get an easy win.

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