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For GameStop the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 is positive

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The news of the delay in the departure of Red Dead Redemption 2 caused many reactions in the industry, in the media and negatively surprised the fans of the celebrated game of Rockstar. However the reason is valid and for the benefit of all the idea is that the game meets the great expectation that has been created around it.

In that sense, speaking today in a post-earnings call with investors, managers of the chain stores of GameStop expressed themselves about this situation and they also see it in the positive side.

As part of the presentation of its recent financial report, executives from GameStop video game store chain addressed the issue of delay in launching Red Dead Redemption 2. Although initially the delay could be seen as a serious blow to video game sales, especially in the holiday season, representatives of the chain store believe that the numbers will continue with a positive trend as the absence of the title of Rockstar will benefit other franchises: “When you get a game like Red Dead, or what Red Dead was expected to do in the Fall, it’s going to suck some dollars away from the other games,” was explained by the management. “So it’s not an entire impact when it moves. You’ll get some of the buyers that would have bought Red Dead buying Call of Duty or some of the other games, Destiny [2].

Finally, the managers of GameStop highlighted the value of E3 2017 and the games that will be presented there, considering itself as part of the expectation because the announcement of a great game goes hand in hand with the search of the same in the presales that the chain stores realizes.

Recall that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be delayed until 2018.