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What’s Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card- Uses Benefits, Fees, and charges, apply online

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Do you love shopping online? If the answer is Yes, then you have already heard about Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card. So do you want to know what this Flipkart Axis credit card is? Do you want to know about the advantages and disadvantages of using this postpaid card? How can you use this card?

And most importantly, how can you apply to get the card? What proofs and documents do you require to be eligible to get this card? To know all of these, Let’s get started with what’s a Flipkart Axis Credit Card?


What are the History And User benefits of this postpaid card?

As I mentioned earlier, by using this card you can shop from online shopping places like Flipkart with unlimited cashback offers. If you create this MasterCard, you’ll get more benefits. Firstly you’ll get welcome benefits under which you’ll get a discount of 3300 rupees. So how will you get this? & what was its history? 

What’s Flipkart Axis Credit Card?

Flipkart has recently launched a credit card in which axis bank is co-branded with a MasterCard.They named the MasterCard – Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card. All the customers who are new credit users can make this post paid card. Using this MasterCard, you can shop from various online sites like flipkarts and others with unlimited offers.

Welcome Benefits

When you will make this post paid card you’ll get some welcome benefits. Within the starting benefit offers, you’ll get the advantages of 3300 rupees. So What are those welcome benefits? Do you want to know? So let’s know more about this. Within those welcome benefits, you’ll get-

  • A Flipkart voucher of 6 dollars on your very first Transaction.
  • You’ll get 15% cashback up to 6 dollars on the first Transaction you make on Myntra.
  • Besides, you’ll get 500 rupees off on the leading online travel company named Makemytrip, with a minimum booking of 2,000 rupees.
  • You’ll get 6 months Gaana Subscription for free.
  • Every new Urban Clap customer will get a 20% instant discount of up to 400 rupees.
  • Last but not least, you’ll get 500 rupees off on another on another online trave company named Goibibo, with a minimum booking of Rs. 2,000

You’ll not get the starting benefit of 3300 rupees at once. But within these vouchers and cashback offers you will have 3300 rupees. So do you now understand how amazing offers you are going to get ?

Cashback with every Transaction

This postpaid card is going to give you some amazing cashback offers. Do you wanna know more about the cashback offers and how you can qualify for the offers? It’s not that complicated. Simply purchase any products from Flipkart or other listed sites and claim your cashback amount. And the most exciting news is the additional cashback amount will be awarded for every Transaction. So with every Transaction, you’ll get-

  • 5% cashback on online shopping sites like Flipkart and others
  • On other categories, you’ll get 2% Cashback 
  • You’ll get 4% cashback on Flipkart preferred merchants

I think now you’ve clearly understood how you can qualify for the cashback offers. It’s easy, right? So purchase any products from Flipkart or other sites and claim your cashback amount for every Transaction.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Don’t you think fuel has become one of the everyday expenses in everyone’s life? Do you spend a lot of Fuel too? Then this fuel surcharge waiver offer might excite you. For excessive Fuel users, it might be a great way to start saving a huge amount of money by swiping this post-paying card. It would help if you looked at some exciting facilities –

  • You’ll get 1% fuel surcharge waiver on every purchase at any fuel stations across whole India
  • The GST charge on fuel surcharge is non-refundable
  • Valid on transactions between 400 rupees and 4000 rupees only; maximum benefits up to 500 rupees per month

So do you think it’s going to save your money? Don’t you think you’re going to save a lot with these offers? I think the answer is yes. This postpaid card is giving you the best fuel surcharge waiver at every fuel station across India. What can excite you more than this?

Airport Lounge Access

Airport lounge access — Are you thinking what is so special about airport lounges anyway? Don’t worry. We are here to give you the best answers. We know that We can reduce most of the stress of air traveling and make it a more pleasurable experience by merely relaxing at airport lounges. Excellent food and the comfortable atmosphere of the rooms will do that for you! You can have some relaxed time there. So with your Flipkart Axis Bank Card, you can enjoy four different complimentary lounge visits to choose airport lounges within India per civil year. You can get airport access and have all the facilities without even traveling in first class. Isn’t this amazing?

Dining Delights 

Do you want to relax with your family and friends over the perfect lunch or dinner at the elegant restaurants or on the terrace with breathtaking views? Then this offer is only for you. You can indulge in ambrosial cuisines with Axis Bank Dining Delights. This dining delight is offering up to 20% off at partner restaurants all over the country. Sounds exciting, right?

Convert purchases to EMI

Do you know this axis bank credit card has some exciting EMI offers on Flipkart? Yes, Flipkart is giving some fantastic suggestions on any transaction over 2,500 rupees. So if you want to enjoy the offer, please contact the Bank to convert an enormous MasterCard purchase into EMIs.


We have already learned the benefits of this postpaid card. Now Let’s know who can have this card and enjoy the facilities. So who is eligible for the Flipkart Axis Bank MasterCard?

  • Anyone between the age of 18 and 70 years is eligible for this postpaid card.
  • The cardholder must be a Resident of India or a Non-Resident Indian.

Please consider that these eligibility options are dependable on the Bank indicated, and thus the Bank has the final word to approve or decline applications for the MasterCard.

Documents needed for the Credit Card application 

If there are no case variations then the specified documents for Flipkart Axis Bank Mastercard application you’ll be needed- a replica of your Form-60 for PANcard, identity-proof, a color photo,residence-proof, and income proof within the sort of latest payment slip or Form 16 or Income tax return copy. Please keep in your mind that you’ll need the following documents ready to make Flipkart Axis credit card-

  • PAN card photocopy 
  • Form-60
  • Landline telephone bill
  • Passport
  • Latest payment slip
  • Electricity bill
  • Colour photo
  • Residence proof
  • Income tax return copy as a proof token of income
  • Aadhaar card
  • Ration Card
  • Identity proof
  • Driving license

With the following documents, you can easily apply for the Credit card. To get more information, please visit the website. There you’ll get to know more about this.

Flipkart Axis credit card fees

So we’ve learned the benefits and application procedure of the postpaid card. Now it’s time to know about the card fees. If you make this card and start using it, you will need to pay some extra charges. So give it a read –

  • Joining fee – Are you thinking about joining in their services but concerned about their fees? Don’t worry, they are offering it at a minimal cost. Most of the users get those benefits in just 2 dollars only.
  • Yearly fee – Do you think about annual fees in these services? Don’t worry , they are offering you a minimal cost of 6 dollars per year as a yearly fee. But you won’t need to pay 6 dollars in the first year.
  • Money withdrawal fee – Here you need to pay a lot of Money withdrawal fees which will be 2.5% of the Transaction with a Minimum of 6 dollars.

Flipkart Axis credit card payments

Now when it comes to the point of bill payment, you can easily pay your MasterCard bills with the help of various payment options. Use any of these methods to pay the MasterCard bills.

  • You can pay the Card payment bills through Cash.
  • By using Net Banking Facility you can clear the MasterCard dues.
  • You can also clear the pay bills through cheques.
  • By Using Billdesk Portal you can conveniently pay the card bills.
  • Pay Bills using open-end credit of another bank.

Do you get the proper idea of how you pay the Mastercard bills? Yes, you can pay your MasterCard bills by using any of these methods.

Drawbacks of flipkart axis credit card

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So like this, there are few drawbacks to this MasterCard. As responsible individuals, we should let you know the drawbacks too. Give it a read and have the in and out information of this post paid card. The drawbacks are given below-

  • The card offers cashback on online spending only. There’s no cash back earned on fuel.
  • There’s no International airport lounge access that comes with this card.
  • If you’re trying to find reward points, you can perhaps choose other master cards as Axis Flipkart is primarily a cashback credit card.
  • No milestone rewards are earned which can disappoint frequent travelers.

Are you worried about the drawbacks? Don’t worry. As I said earlier, Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Previously, we’ve provided you with all the benefits information of the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card. The advantage list was so long. So you can easily overlook these few drawbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about flipkart axis credit card

Do I need to have an Axis Bank account to avail of the card?

  • So, this program is out there for selected customers only. Then, we are working hard to expand the choice to more customers. For now, you’ll get to have an Axis checking account to use for this Mastercard. 

What will happen to my Axis Bank Buzz Credit Card?

  • So, Your Axis Bank Buzz MasterCard is going to be deactivated within 45 days.

What are the documents mandatory to complete this application?

  • Generally, there are not any documents needed during the appliance process. However, you’ll be required to submit a group of officially valid documents just in case the bank requests for it

Is there any annual fee?

  • Yes, there’s an annual fee of 6 dollars applicable to the cardboard. Generally, this annual fee would be waived off if you spend Rs. 2 lakh with the cardboard within a year.

What can I purchase using Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?

  • Here, you can use this MasterCard for all your purchases, both on and off Flipkart.

How can I check the amount earned for every purchase made using Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card?

  • Please call Axis Bank’s customer care number 1860 419 5555. Other than that, you can also visit the ‘Order Summary’ page and scroll down to the ‘Reward Summary’ section to track the cashback earned for the particular order.

When will I get the physical card?

  • Generally, the physical Mastercard will be delivered to your registered address within 7 to 10 business days of application approval.

What will happen to the cashback if I return a product?

  • In case you return a product within the same MasterCard billing cycle in which the order was placed, the applicable cashback amount will be debited in the same cycle. Otherwise, it will be adjusted in the next billing cycle.

Final Insight about flipkart axis credit card

So, The low annual fee, discounts, and offers on online shopping alongside dining benefits are some advantages that this card has got to offer. Generally, the cardboard works best for users who shop frequently online on Flipkart, Myntra, etc. Even If you’re an online shopper, do check out ICICI Amazon Pay and American Express SmartEarn also. So, they need better online deals and reward points structure.