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Flinthook Platform Action Game Announced For Nintendo Switch

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Tribute Games Flinthook which was first released for PC, Mac, and Linux. Now the game release date has been teased to be releasing somewhere in March 2018. The official release date is TBD as per the official tweet by the game studio. Flintbook was release released last year in the month of April, it is a platform and action game which is not making it its way for Nintendo’s popular hybrid platform Switch.

Mercenary Kings, Ninja Senki DX are some of the games by Tribute Studio. The studio features in offering pixel and retro games. Through the tweet below Tribute Games as has officially announced the game which includes Flintbook. Mercenary Kings is the series shared in the tweet which clearly indicates this will also come on Switch soon.

If you had not heard about Flintbook it is a platform and action game where you will be playing as a Space Pirate. Using the grapple as an important tool in the game you will be moving fast vertically. This will help you in dodging enemies attack as well as through the movement you can gather treasure and wealth. Using powers and weapons you can fight with various enemies that will be appearing on different levels of the game.

If you want to know more about the gameplay have a look on the video below by Youtuber Jim Sterling.