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Five underrated cryptocurrencies that are predicted to do well in 2022

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It would not be an overrated thing to say if one suggested that cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world and investing by storm. Not only has it completely changed the look and feel of investing money but it has also gained traction and the attention of several new and potential people looking for sustainable opportunities to grow their money. Additionally, it was responsible for altering the game plans people were using to make their investments. Looking at the profits, many investors, even the newer ones, were more inclined towards taking a risk while investing. These risks need not be haphazard or unplanned – they could be calculated as well, but they did lead to a lot more money going into the investment sector. If you are planning to dip your toes into this arena as well, this could be your guide for the coming year.

Here is a list of 5 undervalued cryptocurrencies that are likely to grow significantly in the coming year. 

  1. Shiba Inu – Definitely topping the charts as one of the most tempting investments, the Shiba Inu coin has seen a huge rise since it was launched in August 2020. It slowly overtook Dogecoin as the ‘favorite’ and has retained its popular spot. Not only is this coin a valuable asset as a cryptocurrency but it is also a renowned decentralized exchange that can be used to stake the Shiba tokens and earn significant interest. It is easy for the price of this coin to skyrocket based on the different elements and aspects of the environment. 
  2. Ripple – Essentially, ripple is a network to transfer money that primarily aims to cater to the needs of the larger industries and financial service sector. In other words, it can also be defined as a payment settlement system and a network that can process monetary transfers all across the globe. Its token, XRP, is the coin that one can invest in. Since the standard transfer fee using this network is negligible, the users would potentially have to calculate the value of XRP to INR to be able to gain an estimate of the amount of investment. 
  3. Polkadot – DOT, or Polkadot is another upcoming cryptocurrency that has shown great promise in a very short period. Built on the premise of Ethereum, this network also allows the users/developers to engage in the creation of smart contracts and the building of several apps. The dApps in play with this network also allow communication with other blockchain networks. This is one of the primary appeals around this network that has played a key role in luring investors towards it. 
  4. Solana – In 2022, it is predicted that a large number of investors will be attracted to SOL. This could be due to the whopping 300% growth that it has seen only in the past month. The overall market capitalization associated with this coin is 51.8 billion dollars which has helped it move up to 7th place among the existing cryptocurrencies. It has also shifted its focus towards the NFTs which is another booming sector investment-wise. 
  5. Tether – It is important to also include a stablecoin in this list of potentially good investments in the upcoming year. Experts call the price of Tether ‘rather soothing’ as it is designed to be attached to the value of a fiat currency. This means that the fluctuations will not be as erratic or dramatic as the other coins. Stability does not mean dullness, this quality, in fact, is one of the biggest reasons for the rise in investors being pulled towards USDT. As a result, the prices have surged. 
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Make your investments informed, risks calculated, and monetary growth fund by keeping in mind these cryptocurrencies. Do your additional readings as well before you make any investment to be able to be fully aware of the highs and lows, patterns and trends.