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Five Maintenance Tips to Extend The Life of Machinery And Equipment

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You need to look after equipment – from power tools to heavy-duty machines. These items are expensive and should withstand the test of time with proper maintenance. It’s also important for your safety. A damaged machine is more likely to falter and cause an injury. You need to use and maintain the machine correctly to keep yourself and those around you safe. This article is about Five Maintenance Tips to Extend The Life of Machinery And Equipment.

Here are five maintenance tips to extend the life of machinery. 

Schedule maintenance

Schedule maintenance based on how much you use the machine or tool. You should clean your tools after every use and perform regular maintenance checks on them. The more you use a machine, the more you should clean and maintain it. If you forget to do maintenance checks, you can schedule them into your calendar. Set an alert on your phone, put it on your to-do list and make machine maintenance a priority. 

Invest in operator training 

You need to learn how to use a tool correctly. If you neglect machine maintenance, you may be using the machine incorrectly as well. Read over the handbook for each machine and flag anything that you did not know. You may need to hire operator training if you manage a team of construction and manufacturing workers. Top up your training regularly to keep the knowledge fresh in your mind. Health and safety should be paramount when using heavy-duty machinery. 

Periodic review of potentiometers

A potentiometer is a three-terminal resistor with a rotating contact that creates an adjustable voltage divider. It helps you regulate and change the current flowing through a circuit. They protect sensitive components like LEDs, sensors, and integrated circuits. Electrical resistors stop components from burning out and getting damaged. They make sure there is a safe amount of energy flowing through the device. 

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You need to review your potentiometers to make sure they are functioning correctly. You risk damaging another electrical device or risking your safety if the resistor is broken. 

Clean machinery

Clean your machines with a cloth to remove any dirt, dust and debris. You should store them in a dry location that is secure from weather conditions and thieves. Try to store each cordless machine with its charging cable. You can keep everything organised and clean in your workshop. A bespoke storage system can cater for the different sized power tools, hand tools and machines. You could build a wooden storage unit with different shelves for each device. 

Check for worn parts

Always your devices for worn or damaged parts before you use them. You should replace these parts immediately before they damage the rest of the machine. 

Keep your machines in good condition with regular maintenance checks.