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Fist of the North Star New Trailer Showcases Special Powers, Mini-Games and More


After a few weeks without any news from Fist of the North Star, SEGA finally shared a new trailer for the game. During a special broadcast, Toshihiro Nagoshi, the producer of the game, unveiled one more trailer for this adventure, starring Kenshiro, heir to Hokuto Shinken.

In the new video, we see part of the cast confirmed for this installment of Fist of the North Star. Also, we can see how Kenshiro uses some of his best combinations to finish off his rivals. And if that was not enough, the trailer also shows some of the minigames that we can enjoy when we want to be away from the battlefield.

Kenshiro will be able to use different objects to increase his abilities, among those are the Yadoyado Talismans. These relics will increase the stats of the protagonist and unlock new powers, such as Tensho Honretsu. In this same section will be the Destiny Gems, which will also enable some special powers to be equipped.

As for Kenshiro’s classic attacks, we will have at our disposal Burst, which will cause an explosion that only the most powerful enemies can resist. There will be a special indicator that will be filled little by little, once completed we will be able to unleash this powerful attack.

In case you do not remember, Fist of the North Star is a title that will come exclusively to PlayStation 4. Its launch in Japan was scheduled for February 22, 2018. However, SEGA reported that it requires a little more time to polish the mechanics. So the title will be ready until March 8.

Unfortunately, the company has not said anything yet about its possible localization in the West. So it will be necessary to wait for more information about it.

Would you like to see this game in the western region? Have you played other titles based on this series? Tell us in the comments below.

Without further ado, we leave you with the new trailer below:

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