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First Season of The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse Finishes with Release of Books Four, Five


The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, the episodic RPG with collectible card game elements based in Universal Studios’ Huntsman universe, concludes its first season today with the arrival of Book Four and Book Five on Windows and Mac via Steam.



Elisabeth’s quest leads her through new stretches of The Huntsman universe, many instantly recognizable to fans of the films. Locations include the vast plains of High Moor and the ruins of the abandoned castle of Freya, the villain in The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Our heroine also returns to Vardhelm, now buried in snow and overrun by Freya’s army.

The new books continue Elisabeth’s venture through a surreal animated world to reunite with her long-lost siblings. Now understanding a menacing sorceress known as The Enchantress is responsible for their disappearance, Elisabeth hastens her valiant search for her final brother, Jonathan, and learns the enchantress’ true role in her story.

Books Four and Five introduce goblins as well as mysterious spirit and alter-ego versions of Elisabeth’s brothers, all while players deal with the looming threat of ulterior motives harbored by Marcus, the young man that initially joined Elisabeth’s search.

New immensely powerful weapons, armor, attacks and abilities will be shuffled into the mix. Players continue utilizing collectible cards in the battles, choosing from randomized cards drawn at the beginning of a fight.

“Books Four and Five continue The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse’s dynamic storytelling, letting players truly make Elisabeth’s adventure their own,” said Linsay Craten, chief marketing officer, Desert Owl Games. “We can’t wait for players to discover the truth about the enchantress and Marcus then finally experience Elisabeth’s chilling homecoming to Vardhelm.”


For more information about The Huntsman: Winter’s Curse, please visit the official website here.