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Here’s a First Look of Mad Box Gaming Console from Slightly Mad Studios

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The images show the design of the console, but not its components.

In a way that was unexpected and strange, Slightly Mad Studios, the studio best known for its work on Project CARS, announced that it is working on a new gaming console: the Mad Box. As you imagine, this news has generated many doubts among the community, so many will be happy to know that we can now look at their initial designs.

Through his Twitter account, Ian Bell, general manager of Slightly Mad Studios, shared the first images of the Mad Box gaming console. In those pics, you can see a device with an appearance similar to that of a gaming PC. The interesting thing is that it is a tower that has an “M” shape and that has the Slightly Mad Studios logo on its sides.

According to Bell, the Mad box will be designed to be a lightweight console and will even have a handle so you can transport it without problems. In addition, the manager says it can communicate wirelessly with other Mad Box consoles. So, it seems that the intention is that you can take it everywhere and play with others.

A detail that is important to point out is that the images do not show us the internal components. This is so since they still have not decided exactly what it will be in it. That said, it is expected to be hardware as powerful as to offer graphics in 4K and 120 fps.

Without more we leave you with the images of the Mad Box gaming console below:

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Mad Box Gaming Console

What do you think about it? Do you think this type of console can be a success? Tell us in the comments below.