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First accessories of Nintendo Switch Leaked

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Nintendo Switch will be released only in March, but this did not prevent the retailer EB Games Australia to publish on its online pages – albeit briefly – what could be the first accessories for the hybrid console of the big N.


Specifically, three products have appeared before being erased: the Starter Pack, the Starter Pack Plus and ‘Extra-Long 3m Charging Cable’. The Starter Pack has a carrying case for the console, two protective film and a microfiber cloth for cleaning and maintenance of the device, with the Plus version which also includes the earphones.

The charging cable, however, is in USB-C format, and measures three meters. This type of cable is used only recently, and would ensure a battery to charge faster than average. Of course, we consider taking the news with caution, pending for Nintendo itself to unveil its offer.

Nintendo Switch hits stores in March 2017. In the bottom of the article, you can take a look at the leaked accessories, and then deleted from EB Games Australia.

And there’s more: It would seem that some titles such as Animal Crossing of the Gamecube and other classic NES (Donkey Kong, Mario and Zelda) will be adapted to be played via Nintendo Switch.

There is also talk of support for the GameCube controller, but even insiders admit that the idea is in the planning stage and that, therefore, is too remote to be able to already claim victory.