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Firewatch PS4 Patch 1.02 download available now

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Firewatch is available since a few days now on PS4 and PC. Although being a great surprise of the new year, the game developed by Campo Santo was moderately optimized on the Sony console. Slowdowns and other bugs were spoiling the progression of the game. Therefore, a patch has just been put online.

Firewatch Game Screenshot

This is through the official website of the game developers who communicated about a new patch 1.02 version for Firewatch on PS4, which should bring some stability to the game, by adjusting a lot of troubles. The developers have also explained that they were still working on the game to make the most enjoyable experience possible.

In bulk, we therefore highlight improvements in the distance display and shadow management, greatly reducing the effect of “popping” of the textures, and the same applies for loading, which should be less frequent (also for the automatic save game). There are also improvements regarding framerate and fixes to avoid crash bugs and endless drops across the surroundings.

In short, it is a big patch that improves the title completely. In any case, you can find the complete list of improvements below and also by clicking on this link:

Firewatch PS4 Patch 1.02 Changelogs:

  • Draw distance and shadow render distance have been improved, which should remove significant texture popping.
  • Streaming loading and unloading has been significantly adjusted with extra safeties so you should no longer see loading happen right in front of you.
  • We got Unity to fix a very rare hang that could occur when loading and unloading scenes.
  • Many instances of unstable framerate have been improved.
  • Auto-saves are now far less frequent, as they were causing the worst framerate hitches we have been seeing.
  • Several places where people were escaping the world or getting stuck in collision have been refined. Also, if you are stuck in an endlessly falling state, the game will attempt to put you back, either through loading the last save or respawning Henry aboveground.
  • Various cases where you were able to interrupt or break your current quest have been safeguarded.
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