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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Require More Than 80-200 Hours To Complete

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Paris hosted this weekend the Japan Expo 2019 event, and thanks to this appointment of the video game sector we have learned more details of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a game that will be available on July 26 on Nintendo Switch.

From the JeuxVideo website, they have had the opportunity to talk with the game’s producers, Genki Yokota and Toshiyuki Kasukihara. And these have thrown a very striking data: we will need more than 200 hours to complete the three different routes of the game.

The story of Three Houses takes us to the Officers Academy, which is made up of three different noble houses, Black Eagles, Blue Lions or the Golden Deer. We, as players, will play the teacher Byleth. Our function will be to choose one of these three houses and act as tutors.

“Finishing the game with just one of the three houses took me 80 hours,” says Kasukihara. “I did not skip the dialogues or the scenes, of course, so if you want to do the three paths, it can take you more than 200 hours.”

And it is that, depending on the house we choose, both the development of story and our destination will change. In this sense, Three Houses will lend a lot to replayability.

We remind you that Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be available on July 26 on the Nintendo Switch.

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