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Rumor: Fire Emblem Switch Will Release in 2018, Super Smash Bros Launches This October

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According to the insider Liam Robertson in his latest Podcast, by the end of the year, Nintendo will focus on two Switch games, namely Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros, both coming out “just in time for the Christmas season”.

According to the sources of the insider, Super Smash Bros is expected for the month of October and the development seems to be underway in the final stage, remember that the title will be present at E3 in Los Angeles in a playable form and during the summer, the house of Kyoto will offer a tour in Japan to allow the community to try out the new fighting game.

Fire Emblem instead would be “currently scheduled for 2018” although there are no other details on this project, presented in 2017 during the Switch reveal event and since then disappeared from the spotlight.

The news should be taken with a grain of salt as it is not official. In the past, however, the same source proved to be fairly reliable. In addition, the release of the game is scheduled for this year and that period would fit perfectly with all the speculations that have occurred so far.

We just have to wait for the E3 2018 to learn more, the showcase of Nintendo is scheduled for Tuesday, June 12. Waiting for confirmation from Nintendo, we invite you to continue to follow to find out if the rumors will prove to be true. At the moment, however, we must classify everything as a mere rumor.