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Fire Emblem Fates Awakening characters DLC download now available

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Fire Emblem Fates was released on June 25, 2015 on Nintendo 3DS. It is a tactical role-playing video game and now it gets a new DLC in the form of Characters. This new DLC will not be coming in US. It will be Japan exclusive. This DLC introduces 3 new maps in this game. They are The Paradise Struggle, Sacred Mountain of Fear, and Encounter with the Awakening. Among this three the last map Encounter with the Awakening is for free while the pack is chargeable. It will cost around 2000 yen and it is out on 3Ds shop. You can get the DLC and checkout the new content of the game. One negative aspect of the DLC is that it is region exclusive. The DLC screenshots are shared on various sites that you can checkout. The last free DLC will be available in this month while the other two will come after sometime.

Fire Emblem Fates Screenshot
Fire Emblem Fates Screenshot

There are two more additional maps coming up with this but around August 6 2015. They are Museum of Duel and Treasure of Ruins. The release for the same is next month. There is one more map that will come around in August 20 which will be divided into two parts. The map is Concealed Historical Evidence (part 1 and part 2). The game might be coming to other countries next year. Yet the game developer has not confirmed anything about this. The game was released in three versions. They are Birthright, Conquest and Invisible Kingdom.  With new content it would be more interesting to play.