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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Patch 1.01 download now available on PS4

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Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Patch 1.01 is finally available for the download. The patch is going to come on PS4. The patch offers mixed benefits of performance enhancement and various other benefits. The patch also offers audio fix. The patch log does not reveal much. There are also many benefits with the update. The update is commonly released for both the game.

With the audio fix there will be also a bit improvement in the game graphics. And a few extra features like a new arranged sound track for the games. The sound in the game used to reset and this was something annoying the players after they are done with the battle. Now the sound will continue and add more fun to the game.

Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster
Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Remaster

The game is quite old and still it is getting regular updates for better gaming output. The game patch is quite small and its size is around 30MB only. So this simply means it is a kind of tiny update for the game. And there are lightweight fixes included only.

Final Fantasy HD Remaster edition brings two games together. The first is based on the journey of Tidus. The gameplay offers a battle system with impressive storyline. In the second game which is X-2, there are not many changes but enough to extend the next storyline. The update that is provided for the same is very little and that is the reason there is not much info on the same. Minor fixes and few tiny enhancements will let players to enjoy the game with fewer issues.

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