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Final Fantasy XV World of Wonder Environments Trailer Revealed

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As you all know, the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, an event that was held in March, Square Enix released a video which showed us the amazing world of JRPG game that will debut in September. Today, the company released this footage in high quality, so that you can enjoy it, if you have missed it a few months ago.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

Just as I mentioned, the trailer shows World of Wonder cities, puebles, caves, buildings and other environments that meet in the world of Final Fantasy XV. Although you’ve seen this video in digital event of Square Enix, I recommend that you give this another chance to see it in glorious 1080p resolution.

Take a virtual tour and check out some of the beautiful environments from the gorgeous, open world of Eos in FINAL FANTASY XV. The World of Wonder: Environment Footage trailer shows the diversity of Eos from bustling city streets, to the open roads and endless desert and plains. Journey across oceans, through dense jungle and forests, into dark and mysterious caves and across snow peaked mountains in a land rich with wildlife and wonder.

Final Fantasy XV will arrive on September 30 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, although it is possible that in the future the game could debut on PC and Nintendo NX.

What do you think about the environments found in Final Fantasy XV? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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