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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition graphics will improve further before launch


The game director, Hajime Tabata, explained in an interview with the partners of Nvidia that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will continue to improve from here to the launch of the title thanks to feedback collected at Gamescom 2017.

According to Tabata, with the help of the Korean House, it was possible to make the PC version of the role-playing game in “the best it can be”, using all the technologies of the GameWorks suite.

Finally, according to the exponent of Square Enix, the real selling point of Final Fantasy XV is its beautiful and engaging setting, and then bringing it back to PC with a more elaborate and curated graphic design was of paramount importance.

Final Fantasy XV PC version is worth the wait. The reason, Square Enix will present a number of interesting features and development of the graphics in the game.

The look of grass, hair of character, and the effects of fire and smoke will look more real. It is supported by Nvidia HFTS shadow algorithms and Nvidia XVAO Ambient Occlusion technology.

Recently, Square Enix, at the Gamescom of Cologne, announced the arrival of the Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition, which will be available early in 2018 on the Windows 10 store, Steam, and Origin.

The studio has also unveiled the Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition of the game. An edition specially designed for Tablet and Smartphone that will feature stories, situations, events, and characters from the console game version but with a totally unpublished chart.