Final Fantasy XV will be censored in China

The analyst and insider ZhugeEX published a tweet that shows a censorship applied to the Chinese version of Final Fantasy XV: some characters were considered too provocative, and for this reason it was necessary for upgrades in order to cover certain parts of the body in plain sight.


Bad news from China: the arrival of Final Fantasy XV in the country was approved, but according to rules (rather severe) on censorship there will be some differences from the Japanese version of the game. Some characters that are too undressed, in fact, will be covered and made more “suitable to the public”.

In the specific case, ZhugeEX shows the changes made to the character of Shiva in the Chinese version of the game, which is very different from previously issued for the Japanese market, precisely because of restrictive rules of the Chinese government about the nudity in entertainment products.

As you can see in the above image, the breasts of Shiva, the powerful evocation in the game, were massively covered.

Recall that Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29 on PlayStaton 4 and Xbox One and the first reviews are expected to arrive starting from the 28th of the same month, at least according to statements from the insider Shinobi602.

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