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Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo Vol #2 Video

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Square Enix had recently released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV which focuses specifically on the technical performance of the graphics engine Luminous Engine, including physics, the effects of light and other captured textures.

Next installment of the famous RPG from Square Enix to land on our consoles, Final Fantasy XV benefits from a brand new graphics engine: the Luminous Engine. The latter, developed by Square Enix, recently made ​​an appearance with a tech demo running on Windows 10 and exploiting the DirectX 12 technology.

Japanese publisher has released a new tech demo of its engine, highlighting the performance of FFXV. Also, physics management, but also the management of light and particle effects are being honored.

For some renderings and textures, the development team has made real catches in order to implement the in-engine.

Recall that Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae 2.0, the update of the playable demo of Final Fantasy XV, is available today on PS4 and Xbox One.