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Final Fantasy XV September Update download available now, adds New Story Content to Chapter 12

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Recently, Square Enix released a new update for Final Fantasy XV, which expands the main story of the game.

So, this update adds an event to the story that unfolds in Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy XV. The goal is to guide and help players understand the events of the game’s mythology, the feelings of the characters and more.

The studio has also released some images, where we can see Lunafreya and Gentiana, you can see that in the tweet below. Other captures show the Astral, important pieces of the lore of Final Fantasy XV.

During Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix revealed that they will continue to make content for the main story of Final Fantasy XV. Initially, the company had planned to end the upgrades in late 2017 but decided to change its mind and extend support until 2018.

For now, players will have to wait for the Comrades multiplayer expansion that will debut on October 31. In addition, in December of this year, another expansion based on Ignis will be ready.

The 1.16 patch of Final Fantasy XV has a size of 4.036GB on PS4, while it is 7.37GB on Xbox One. You can see what else is coming with this latest update:

1. The conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival.
2. Addition of two new fish.
3. Assassin’s Festival bug fixes invisible walls; interacting with Holly after buying the False Orders; various bug fixes.
4. Various bug fixes.