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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Download Available on iPhone Now

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Slightly ahead of its time (the launch was scheduled for Friday, February 9th), Square-Enix released Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition on the App Store. The game is now freely downloadable on iOS devices, those who have pre-registered will have to wait until tomorrow to start downloading the application.

The game has a size of 785 MB, the first episode is available for free while the remaining nine chapters must be purchased separately. Tomorrow, Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will also land on Google Play, downloadable to all owners of Android smartphones.

This Pocket Edition is a watered down version of the great Japanese RPG. The main plot is the same, we follow the adventures of Prince Noctis and his companions in the world of Eos, but the graphics have been reworked in a cartoonish style and the gameplay simplified for touch use.

The game is divided into ten chapters. The first is free, the next two cost about $1 and the others $4. Otherwise, you can buy the full game for $20.

As a surprise, we can choose the language for the voices (Japanese included), as well as the quality of the graphics and the number of frames per second. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition requires at least an iPhone 6s, iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4.

It also takes a lot of storage. After the first download of more than 700 MB in the App Store, you need to download an additional 524 MB. In total, 5 GB are needed, or even 8 GB for the high-resolution version.

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Check out the synopsis of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition below:

“Explore the world of FINAL FANTASY XV with a cast of cute and cool characters! Now you can enjoy the FINAL FANTASY XV story across 10 exciting chapters. Tap to move, tap to talk, and tap to fight Easy for anyone to pick up and play!

The Tale of the Chosen King, Savior to the Star. After years of fighting, the nations of Lucis and Niflheim, at last, agree to an armistice. As a symbol of this promised peace, Noctis, crown prince of Lucis, is to wed the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. The prince sets forth for his wedding on the eve of the signing ceremony, sent off by his father, King Regis. Unbeknownst to Noctis, however, the journey ahead is fraught with perils…”