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Final Fantasy XV PC version leaked by Website

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The rumor of the PC version of Final Fantasy XV is back, through the source code of the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV website, an event to be held in March to reveal particularly the release date of the upcoming RPG series from Square Enix.

Final Fantasy XV PC Leak

Expected to come out in 2016 on PS4 and Xbox One, Final Fantasy XV could finally be announced on PC. In fact, Square Enix has previously marketed Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on Steam and even presented a technical demo of its latest graphics engine – Luminous Engine, used for FFXV – running under Windows 10.

Japanese publisher recently announced that the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event will be held this March 30, 2016 in Los Angeles to announce the exact release date of the RPG game. The source code of the event’s official website reveals indications as to the existence of a PC version as well.

Indeed, from bytes in the Javascript file show the possibility of game marketing event on the download platform Steam, but also on the online store of Square Enix.

It is a member of NeoGAF that found in the source code of the teaser site page for the event dedicated to Final Fantasy XV, which reveals a funny thing in one paragraph of the Javascript code on that famous page. This thing is nothing less than the emergence of the word “Steam Powered” or “pcRetrailersArray”.

We now remain to wait for a confirmation from Square Enix about this information.