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Final Fantasy XV PC Version Considered, according to Director Hajime Tabata

Following the event of Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, the information on title are not missed, as Hajime Tabata, in fact, during the course of various interviews, has spoke at the length about the eagerly anticipated new chapter and a few hours ago new details emerge.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

Interviewed by the website JeuxVideo, the game Director of the expected Final Fantasy XV, has revealed that the feature Kingsglaive was created by Square Enix in order to insert less cut-scenes in the new chapter than those proposed in previous episodes.

Works on Final Fantasy XV, as stated, are in a fairly advanced stage and also the development team, composed of about 300 people, are at work on various aspects related to the weapon balance, the amount of experience needed to level up and also make improvement of the animations. Engineers are also focusing on optimizing the frame rate, the aim is indeed to release a game that can offer a great experience.

Hajime Tabata has also talked about the future DLC stating that more information will come in the summer and additional content will not only prolong the experience of Final Fantasy XV but also will generate enthusiasm among gamers.

As for the PC version, the game director of the expected title once again confirmed that the development team will consider the release of Final Fantasy XV on PC only after the release of version dedicated to Playstation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

Should it be given the green light to the PC version, then, Square Enix is expected to return to push the research and development department to create the technological upgrade and actually “reconstruct the game” on a new basis.

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