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Final Fantasy XV PC tech demo video running on Nvidia 1080ti shown

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It’s still a mystery if Final Fantasy XV will hit PC, however, the development team took care of bringing the title to this platform to see how it looks on a high-end computer.

This experiment was done by Square Enix in collaboration with Nvidia to demonstrate the advantages of the Luminous Studio Pro engine, which was developed by Final Fantasy XV. The video shows each of the sections of this tool and allows us to know how the adventure of Noctis and company would look like on PC.

By the way, these videos were captured from a GTX 1080Ti, the new Nvidia GPU that will arrive next week for $699.99 USD.

To all this we ask ourselves when is the PC version coming? At the moment there is no official confirmation about the arrival of Final Fantasy XV to PC, and although this happened, Hajime Tabata, director of the game, said it would take a year to perform this port. Assuming the decision was made recently, we would have to wait until next year to tour the world of Eos in high range.

Take a look at the video shown at this week’s Game Developers Conference, which, among some things, allows us to take a look at the free driving mode in which Square Enix is ​​working.