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Final Fantasy XV New Video Showcases Beautiful Scenery

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Square Enix continues to release new material to Final Fantasy XV, and this time the trailer “World of Wonder Tour of Eos With Noctis”, which is basically a tour of some of the sceneries of the game is shown.

Final Fantasy XV

After the video posted during the event of Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV several months ago, Square Enix has released recently a new trailer of the World of Wonder series by Final Fantasy XV, where Noctis speaks of Eos while showing us the sceneries of the game.

Thus, in the video we can hear Noctis, who says that as a prince, the world had never known. “And now, I can see everything this world has to offer,” he says, as we see different sceneries, such as cities, mountains and caves.

“I’m on the road with my friends, looking for the truth,” he adds. “What really happened to my father? And where is Luna? We’ll follow the truth wherever it takes us, together. Come along for the ride.”

In related information, Square Enix announced that it will attend PAX West from 2 to 5 September, an event that will take place in Seattle. There will be a space dedicated to Final Fantasy XV, where people will have the opportunity to try the demo of the game.

In addition, all who put their hands on the demo of Final Fantasy XV will receive a shirt and also the Xbox One controller skin.

Final Fantasy XV Xbox One Controller

Final Fantasy XV has a release date of November 29, and will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Check out the video at once, and as always, do not forget to give us your feedback in the comments section below.