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Final Fantasy XV: New rumor on DLC and End-Game Content Cut

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Final Fantasy XV is now out for about a month, but Square-Enix is far from having completed work on its JRPG: different, there are in fact the DLC which is currently in the pipeline that will focus on travel companions of Noctis; as well as free updates that will enrich the package of game.

A self-proclaimed former employee of Square-Enix has recently published a post on 4Chan, revealing that the Japanese company may decide to create further expansions for the game, if the DLC included in the Season Pass were to meet a feedback from the players. “People who are still working on the team have told me that if the download content is well received, they will think about making something special for other characters. I don’t know if they have changed the schedule for the download content since I left,” was his words.

The user then has also added the statements on the alleged content cut of Final Fantasy XV; topic particularly interesting in light of the fact that the game originated as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and was so overwhelmed by Hajime Tabata, who had the merit of completing the work after 10 years of troubled development. According to his statements, a game map has been eliminated, and discarded the design for Cindy and Iris. “The ending section was decided when I joined the team. It was planned for Noctis to wake up and encounter every character once at a time. The open world was note explorable, there were quests that limited your movement in the map. The Lestallum map in which Noctis was supposed to meet Iris and other friend was complete, it was not the full city. The idea was to turn the open world in a dungeon in which the player had to skip from one place to another and piece what was happening as Noctis met the other characters.

Cindy wears like motorcycle suit, it reminded me of Kill Bill, her face didn’t change that much. Iris was taller and had a king guard suit.” We recommend taking this news with caution, waiting for Square-Enix to reveal more information about the DLC of Final Fantasy XV.