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Final Fantasy XV New Patch for PS4 Pro available on April 27

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Square Enix has today announced that a new patch for Final Fantasy XV will arrive on April 27th, which will focus on improving the gaming experience on PlayStation 4 Pro, among other details.

So the update will add a new image mode named “stable mode”, which aims to keep the frame rate per second without variations, however Square Enix did not share more details about it, so we do not know how fast you will play the game with this option.

Another new feature, which will reach both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will allow players to resize the font in some menus, as well as computer screens or subtitles.

Those who like to go hunting will also receive improvements, as there will be back the timed hunting beats, this time with an additional classification system where you can compete against other players. In addition, it will also be possible to hunt down the Infamous Treant.

Finally, Regalia will receive new skins that you can unlock during your trip and will also add new music so you can play it when you drive or fly.

It is necessary to clarify that this information comes from a Japanese press release, so there may be some changes for the western version of Final Fantasy XV. For now, we will wait for more information from Square Enix.

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