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Final Fantasy XV New 30 Second TV Commercial and Control Scheme Revealed

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Missing very little time now for the launch of Final Fantasy XV, and to promote the game, Square-Enix has released a thirty second TV commercial, airing in these hours on major Japanese TV channels and of course also on the web.

Final Fantasy XV Screenshot

The release of Final Fantasy XV is nearly upon us after 10 years of waiting and for the same Square Enix seems to know that this time has been long and exhausting, so much so that they have published the last Japanese TV spot titled as “Release,at last”.

The spot, entitled as “Release, at last” shows some sequences from the game and invites players to jump in exploring the world of Eos from November 29, release date of the highly anticipated new installment of the series.

In addition to the new advertising clip, we now also learn details about the control scheme. Also, you can get yourself familiarize with the game Keys even before the release of the title. If you do not like the standard display for the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 15, then there is also the possibility to select an alternative assignment in the options for the sub-item Control.

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Control Scheme:

Move – Left Stick
Jump/Interact – X
Sprint – Hold Circle
Roll – Square
Attack – Circle
Warp – Triangle

Camera – Right Stick
Defend or Take Cover – Hold Square
Weapons – Dpad
Main Menu – Touchpad
Enemy Lock – R1
Select item from Menu – R2
Select Ally Technique – L1
Map – Right Stick
Pause – Options

Accelerate – R2
Reverse or Break – L2
U-Turn – Square
Stop – X
Point Warp – Hold Triangle
Car Camera – R1 or L1

Halt – Hold L2
Slide – L2
Sprint – Square
Trot – R2

We remind you that Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release on November 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.