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Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc Demo: How to find the graphics options menu on PS4 Pro

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The demo of Final Fantasy XV is now available for download from the Japanese store of PS4 and Xbox One: there are many Westerners who downloaded the trial version but the Japanese languages do not help the comprehension of the various options. Now, how do you reach to the menu of graphics settings on PS4 Pro, is the main question? Here are the steps to follow.


When you boot up PlayStation 4 Pro, Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc allows you to select two options: superior visual quality or framerate more stable and fluid. Now to reach the appropriate menu follow these steps: on the main screen, click on Options and it will open a new menu (image found at the top of this article) from here, simply select the last item at the bottom.

Got to this point, the available options will be three, in order: High Quality, Lightweight Mode and Reset to Default. The default game setting is set on the second option (Lightweight Mode), which offers a framerate unlocked at 45/50 fps and less clear images, selecting High Quality instead you will get detailed graphics, sharper but with a framerate locked at 30 fps.

Now, with the last option instead we set the default settings and return to the default values. At the moment we do not know if this selection menu will be also featured in the full game, only time will tell.

Remember that Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 29 on Xbox One and PS4, no news however regarding the arrival of Judgment Demo Disk in Europe.

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